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How To Use Hair Color Chalk

By Leanne Goff

If you want to temporarily color your hair then hair color chalk could be the best option that you can go for. It is a very easy and convenient way to color without getting them damaged. It is a fact that when you use permanent dyes there is a huge risk that your hair would be damaged but when you use chalk, it comes out as soon as you wash while using a shampoo.

The application process is very easy and simple, firstly choose a color of your choice. You could either go for a single shade or use multiple of them. Individuals who have naturally light colored hair can easily apply even lighter and less brighter shades but if the shade is dark then you are restricted to use only brighter and vibrant shades so that they remain visible.

Its best that you use these to highlight some part of your hair because it could be too difficult to complete dye them while using these chalks. Once you have styled them the way you want them to, then start applying the dye because if they are styled later, they might not look good at all.

Take a small bowl of water and a clean paint brush for application purposes. Just make sure you don't use a lot of water because if you use large quantity of water during application, it may lighten the shade and it won't look vibrant enough. To avoid any stains on your clothes you should drape a towel underneath your neck.

Take a small chalk piece, dip it into water and while using a paint brush start the process of application. Paint every single inch of the area you want to be colored. While diluting chalks, just make sure you don't dilute two different colors into same water and also the quantity of water must be just enough not too less or too much.

After completing one coat, take out the piece from water and rub it into the desired area. In order to get darker or brighter shade, you need to apply more coats. The best way to apply is to begin from the roots and work towards the ends. Keep applying until you feel completely happy with the desired results.

After you have applied, do not brush your hair because when you brush the desired shade may lighten up a bit and it will not look good at all. It should stay as it is until the next time you take a shower. The good thing is that no damage is caused whatsoever, it could be said that its one of the safest dyes that you can use on yourself.

To utilize hair color chalk is extremely basic and simple. Anybody can do that without any problem, the main issue is that since they are not perpetual hence, you have to be additional cautious when going out in blustery climate and also you need to abstain from brushing as it will cause harm to the already applied shade.

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