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Discovering Vintage Hermes Scarves For Sale Is An Wonderful Opportunity

By Cornelia White

In the day of glamour and style scarves were the accessory of the day. Icons like Grace Kelly and Sofia Loren used scarves around their neck, over their hair when riding in convertibles, tied to their handbags, and even as a sling for a broken arm. Finding vintage Hermes scarves for sale today can allow you to bring a bit elegance to your wardrobe.

In 1837 the Hermes company began by creating harnesses for carriages. Soon they were looking to create the perfect travel or storage bag. Slowly but surely they made their way to women's couture. And the Hermes scarf made its appearance in 1937. Each was a ninety by ninety square made from some of the strongest silk in the world.

These works of art are made with the utmost care and consideration. All their hems are hand sewn. They have over 25,000 designs and every year they come out with two collections. Smaller scarves have been created and mixed with cashmere to create another level of grace and panache and give one the opportunity to add to their accessories. They are usually worn with clothing, but you can also make pillows or even hang them as accent points in your home.

Buying these accessories from Hermes today is a thrill, but finding vintage scarves is even more fun. Like a treasure hunt you search for past patterns or designs that can give you the look and feel that you want. Finding a scarf that has the correct signature in the design and the copyright correctly will ensure you have found an original.

To begin your search you'll want to visit consignment stores, antique shops, and boutiques to see if they have a hidden gem in their inventory. Once you discover a possible candidate make sure to look for its authenticity. The high end product market is rife with counterfeit pieces that can fool many people into believing they are real.

Here are some ways to spot a fake scarf. The accent sign on the second e in Hermes should face backward not forward. The tag should be written in French, any other language means it is counterfeit. Make sure to notice if the hem is rolled toward the bright side of the scarf and then hand sewn. If it's rolled toward the dull side of the design, it's not real.

There are many sites on the internet that will sell you vintage scarves. Sites like eBay and Etsy are known for having all kinds of classic and traditional items for sale. Just make sure you are using reputable dealers. Most of the people that sell products like older Hermes scarves have reviews from previous clients that will give you an idea about how the service and product were delivered.

Looking for a vintage hermes scarves for sale will be a lot of fun. Like a challenge, you'll need to hunt for the perfect classic piece to enhance your wardrobe. You might want to get an idea of what kind of design you might want by checking out a book of all the patterns and designs they've created. Once you narrow down the chic elegance you want, it will make it easier to find the exact piece you want.

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