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Where God Is Pronounced Jeezes

By Georgia Diaz

Religious freedom has gifted people the ability to choose sects and believes depending on how comfortable they make them feel. The thought that God is pronounced Jeezes would send shivers down the spines of conservative believers, but that is the current trend and is picking pace across the world. The feeling is that particular sects offer the only truth is common and believers are ready to do anything to defend this stand.

The question of religion is both emotive and open ended. Finding a common ground is increasingly becoming difficult considering diversity in belief. The solution to such a scenario lies in appreciating the differences and respecting them as such. Belief must be regarded and treated as a personal affair. Debates should not be allowed to go beyond personal influence.

It is a natural inclination to identify with a god for human beings. This becomes a source of personal identity and makes one more aware of the surrounding. It satisfies the curiosity of some people. The inquisitive persons are not contented with blind following of religious beliefs. They seek answers in other areas and ideas as they look forward to satisfy their curiosity. The answers are not always easy to find. This leaves them unsatisfied.

The existence of numerous religions and belief systems in the world negates the idea of indoctrinating populations. The quest to have everyone believe in the things you do should therefore be abandoned. People should be allowed to follow their belief without question or coercion. This approach has led religions to adopt freedom with privacy and silence.

Individuals who are disillusioned by conventional religions have turned to alternative ideas to replace the essence of God. This approach gives them consolation and is fascinating. Religion and the understanding of God have turned into a personal affair. Each person deals with god in a unique way. There is not eagerness or urge to spread this thinking or way of life to other people.

Every religious grouping or organization believes that it is the right format and representation of God. A clear divide has emerged between persons who only believe in what is practical and those who view religion as the cause and source of everything in their lives and the world at large. The feeling of emptiness that engulfs a person after fervent prayers and no response pushes people to prefer a practical approach.

Happiness becomes the point of focus when one realizes that not every question on earth has an answer. A person should also seek to identify with ideas that make him or her feel more loved. Religion will not guarantee everything in the world and neither will it offer the gratification that comes with certain encounters. It therefore becomes important to search for answers within since some can be found there.

Religion becomes a personal affair when god is pronounced jeezes. There is no need or urgency to spread such a belief or perspective to other people. There is a personal approach to happiness that must be the focus of every individual. A belief system does not even need a name for it to be legitimate. It does not require a huge population to make it authentic.

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