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Strategies For Promoting Maui Made Products

By Georgia Diaz

There are various approaches which are used in Maui to help in advertising for the Maui made products. The main approach is the establishment of the Maui Chambers of Commerce which is the one monitoring the whole approaches. The chamber of commerce is having several committees which help in the advertisement. Each committee has a role to play.

The following are various ways of the chambers for commerce has conducted the marketing. The Chambers dose this by having various committees to handle various programmes. The following are the committees of the chambers which help in marketing their produce. The first one is the small business committee.

This committee is the one responsible for promoting the business network for the manufactures in Maui. The committee normally organizes various events such as business after hours, luncheon, the mayors breakfast as well as the governors breakfast. All these provide an opportunity where different people can meet and network with each other. The networks they create help them to expand on their market. The network also helps them to benchmark with other manufactures hence improve on their produces.

The other committee is the Made in Maui Trade Council. This is another essential committee which plays an important role in the advertisement of the Maui made products. This committee has developed a logo to be used as identification and a brand for all the products their members manufacture. This then enables people to easily identify them with the market.

This is important because when the manufactures combine their efforts together through the committee, it is much easier to penetrate the international market as opposed to when they try to penetrate on their own. The committee also organizes several meeting where all the stakeholders are expected to make their contribution on the best way forward for the operation of the committee. The committee also runs a website where they provide listing for all the manufactures to market their products. This is also a bust to the marketing of the Maui made products.

The other committee is the Chamber Political Committee. This committee plays the role of promoting through legislative and economic action. Legislations are made by the politicians at both levels of government. The committee give an input to the legislation being legislated at the county level, the state level and the federal level as well. They ensure that the legislations enacted are friendly to the business community. The chambers also organize various informational forums to act as economic action.

It is also necessary to note that in order for all these approaches to be workable, there is need that the manufactures need to have some protection in law in form of legislation. The chambers for commerce therefore also created a committee known as the chamber political committee to look into the various legislations and give recommendations before they are passed into law. The committee therefore works with the county legislative body, the state legislative body and the federal legislative body in ensuring that the manufactures are accorded the necessary protection.

The other committee worth mentioning is the committee on events and membership. This committee act as the custodian of the register of members. The committee also organizes particular events and conferences for the members only. These are some of the marketing strategy for the Maui made products.

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