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Methods Of Screen Printing Vermont

By Allyson Burke

The history of screen printing dates back to ninth century China. It was adopted by and improved upon by the people of Japan. It was slow to become widely used in Europe because of the difficulty in obtaining the silk mesh needed for the procedure. When trade routes opened up to Asia in the eighteenth century it was not long before it crossed to America. The basis for screen printing Vermont comes from these roots.

A revolutionary new process was developed in the early nineteenth century when three scientists created a chemical compound that allowed photo-imaged stencils to be used for processing designs. Because of the risks involved it took many years to catch on. Now, however, all of the designs are created this way. The chemicals used have been condensed into packets that make use much easier. The process is so easy that many consumers design and create their own garments.

Any design that you can think up can be recreated and transferred to another surface. You can choose from hats, shirts, Styrofoam placards or most any other surface you choose. Your company, family or association logos or emblems can be proudly displayed anywhere you go.

The normal amount of time that it will take to process your order is between two to three weeks at most. The order can be as large as is needed and as many copies as you need will be made. The order could be hastened if necessary and you can get it in as little as one day. The problem here is that the price you pay will be as much as double for this service.

Some companies offer digital screen printing as well as the traditional style. The digital designs are truer in color and can appear far more detailed in design. The system works much like an ink jet printer and can duplicate your images exactly. This style is used for athletic organizations, social clubs and smaller associations or families. These designs take longer to produce and the designs while beautiful do not wear as durably as the traditional designs.

The shirts or hats you will need for your project are usually supplied by the company you choose to do your printing. They purchase them wholesale and will pass this savings on to the customer. The design layouts you will need are also discounted or in many cases there is no charge at all.

The types of fabric and textures of the fabric can also be varied. There are many different treatments available. You will be able to choose from puff, foil, transfers, roller and even applique. The consumer can also select special effects for the fabric such as dyes that will help to make your design truly unique.

When selecting your screen printing Vermont shop you have many options to consider. The choice between digital and traditional is one that can be determined by the size of the order or the detail work that is in the design. The other options are not so easy to separate. The different fabrics, garments and processes can be baffling. You will need to visit many retailers to find the perfect solution for you and your associates.

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