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Use Hermes Scarves On Sale For An Instant Wardrobe Update

By Katrina Wheeler

Fashion changes all the time and it can be very difficult to stay on trend if you have to buy new outfits every season. However, you don't have to wreck your budget to look good. With a few wardrobe basics you only need to change your accessories to create a whole new look. If you can find some Hermes scarves on sale, it's even easier to be stylish since these items are so versatile.

The Hermes company started out in 1837 in Paris. Originally it produced harnesses, saddles and the like for the affluent members of society. In 1918 the company made its first garment, a golf jacket, and during the 1920s it introduced handbags. Women's clothing followed by the end of that decade and in 1937, during its centenary, the company launched the first of the scarves for which it is famous.

While there are also luxurious blends of cashmere and silk available, most of the famous squares of fabric are made of pure silk. Each scarf usually measures just a little less than a square meter. What really set the items apart are the intricate designs that are printed on them.

The scarves had hardly been released or they became a fashion icon. Film stars and royalty alike have been seen sporting the squares of fabric. Princess Grace of Monaco, once an Oscar-winning actress named Grace Kelly, even used one as a sling when she broke her arm. Some people have their scarves framed or made into cushions and every 25 seconds, someone somewhere in the world buys a Hermes scarf.

The designs are created by freelance artists who work with the company's team. It can take a year to produce a new design. Next, the workshop artisans determine the individual colors and engrave separate screens for printing each color. After the painstaking printing process is complete, the edges are stitched by hand.

There are many different ways to tie a scarf. The most basic is to fold it into a triangular shape, then fold it two or three more times to create a long piece of fabric. This can then be knotted around the neck in various fashions.

What makes a Hermes scarf such an invaluable fashion item is that there is so much more that can be done with it. It can be turned into a bag, a turban or a gypsy-style headscarf. With one scarf you can create a summer top and with two you can make a tunic. If you want to give someone a very special gift, wrap it in a scarf instead of paper. For ideas and tutorials, look online or get the company's own Silk Knots app.

If you desire one but can't afford it, you simply need to know when you'll find Hermes scarves on sale. Upscale department stores and boutiques that stock them usually have their sales in January or at the end of the winter or summer season. Another good idea is to check auction websites because here you may find vintage designs that aren't available anywhere else anymore, so you'll be uniquely stylish.

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