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Pros And Cons Of Faux Leather Handbags

By Marsha Klein

There is increasing demand for faux leather handbags. They are available in a range of designs and are generally very affordably priced although some of the designer brands can almost be as expensive as their real hide counterparts. They are not always easily distinguishable from each other.

Faux leather is the term that has been established in the consumer world as artificial material that has been specifically created to substitute the genuine article. It is also sometimes called leatherette. Leatherette has been extremely successful in markets the world over simply because it has major advantages that consumers appreciate. As such it is not just used in the manufacture of bags but also in clothes, shoes and furniture.

The principal factor that has lead to the success of the leatherette artificial alternative is the one of cost. It does a very good job of mimicking the real thing but at a fraction of the cost, in some cases, as low as just a quarter of the price. It means that it can be used for items that are just transitory fashion accessories such as some of the latest bags but when the fashion has passed they can be cast aside without too much of a financial loss to the consumer.

Another highly saleable factor about this material is the very fact that it is a artificial man made product. At first it was vegetarians and animal rights campaigners that were against real hides in the market place. However, consumers in general are growing more and more conscientious and are turning away from product that involves the slaughter of animals. However, it should be noted that most genuine hide is a by product of the meat industry.

Present day fashion dictates that ladies bags are very large indeed. As such they would be very expensive to produce if they were all manufactured from real skins. Leatherette has really come into its own in this regard. Even the most budget conscious and wildlife conscious consumer can have the giant accessories at minimal cost to the finances and the environment. Artificial bags are just as intricately designed coming finished with sashes and buckles and all other trimmings imaginable.

A further advantage of the material is its astounding versatility. It is perfect for making high fashion accessories because of its intrinsic qualities. It can be dyed in any chosen color and reflects luminous shades such as magenta and cyan very well indeed. It is therefore simple to create matching clothing and shoe articles with the bag of choice. As a very pliable fabric it can be contorted to fashion some of the most eccentric fashions available.

Perhaps it is a legitimate argument that the artificial material does not have the lifespan of genuine materials but mostly is boils down to the use and care of the said material. Leatherette can last for several years if it is not overused and is stored in favorable conditions. Fortunately, those conditions exist in most home where it should be neither too dry nor too humid.

Faux leather handbags are recommended for anyone who is looking for beautifully crafted high fashion articles that are affordable in price. They cannot be beaten on the range of designs available too.

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