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Useful Information About High Visibility Safety Products

By Bonnie Contreras

High visibility safety products ensure that people working in areas with low light or during the night get to be seen easily. The reason for this is so as to avoid accidents or injuries that can occur in such conditions because of poor visibility. These equipments are numerous to cater for various work conditions effectively.

Examples of occupations that need staff to utilize these protective equipments include the following; industrial jobs, emergency response, traffic control, roadside construction among other jobs. Workers have therefore no choice but to utilize these materials whenever in the work area. The importance of these products even made it a requirement by the law as a condition for risky work areas with poor light conditions.

These products increase visibility through their reflective properties. This is because they have been made with highly reflective materials that when hit by light, it reflects back the light to the source hence making one visible. The equipments also have a retro reflective strip for the same purpose of increasing perceptibility. The strip is usually shinny silver or grey in color.

As to the color these protective equipment come in they include; lime green, yellow, red or orange. These colors are fluorescent so as to reflect back light. Not only is a person wearing safety clothing protecting himself from high speeding vehicles, but he is also protecting himself from being injured by another worker. Other than being used at night, these equipments are also used during the day as some work places have poor light daytime.

People should also know that these protective products have been grouped into three classes to differentiate places with very poor perceptibility from those that are not very poor in lighting. Class 1 equipments are utilized in conditions where the traffic is slow and employees can see incoming and outgoing vehicles. Therefore for them, the safety vests make them noticeable. As for class 2, the speed is high and or individuals may not see incoming traffic well.

Class 3 is the highest type and this one is worn in the darkest of conditions. It aims at providing visibility at the shortest of distance to ensure that motorists in high speed stop at an appropriate distance. The equipment here include; trousers, jackets and overalls in fluorescent color and with a band. Other than the clothing, other protective equipment include the following; LED beacons, strobes and flashers, warning flags, batons, reflective tape placed at the working area to indicate a working area.

These lights have added elements to make them reflective. Other protective equipment includes the collapsible normally used to guide traffic when work is going on the roads. The cones do not necessarily come in various colors but ensure that protection for workers on the roads is maintained.

Therefore the importance of high visibility safety products cannot be overemphasized. But persons should not use these items only when working in the poor visibility areas, other protective equipment such as the helmets, boots should also be utilized. Individuals should however ensure to purchase high quality materials.

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