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You Can Never Go Wrong With Turban Headband

By Lela Perkins

The use of turbans has been in use for centuries on end. However it is multipurpose these days unlike in the past where it was mainly considered a religious article. In this day and time you do not have to be affiliated to the turban wearing religion in any way for you to wear the garment, especially if you are a woman. The turban headband is one of the most popular accessories to have come from the main garment itself.

These garments have had an uplift due to the recent trends it has received in the social and popular media. Many fashion blogs claim it is the cheapest yet most effective hair accessory. Also there are many women who are wearing the garments out there. This you do not have to believe in word of mouth but if you go outside for a couple of minutes you will be sure to see one or two women walking with this fashion accessory on their head.

Making the garment for you is very simple. First you take the clothing material of your choice and cut it to produce two strips of clothing; these should be at least 4 by 20. Fold and sew the length of the clothing in such a way that you will have a tube like cloth. Now lay the two articles in such a way that they will cross, like an X. Fold them together such that they interlock. Use your head to measure the diameter and then cut and sew the remaining piece.

The colors of these headgear are what make the main fashion statement. For instance the plain black headgear tells of a reserved person who most probably is not used to the culture and is just trying out the note on a low profile. This gives way to more colorful garments the more the courage increases.

A popular color for this piece of clothing is coral. This is especially popular during the spring and summer seasons. Women love it because it is a bright and cheerful color. However it is for the same reason that overusing the color is not advisable. If you are wearing anything with that color apart plus the headgear then you will be spoiling the simplicity of the wear.

Tribal print bands are also a good choice as they spice up your whole attire. They never go wrong no matter what kind of day your hair is experiencing. There are two types of prints first is the leopard which is a very cute and fun article and will represent these qualities in you and there is the tribal print which bring out a cute and very bold look in you.

The leather faux headgear is another lovely piece of article. This goes appropriately with any kind of attire you are wearing whether it is formal or not. Whether it is a jacket sleeve or a skirt you will not be disappointed.

If you take time to look after your beauty then people will also take time to appreciate you. Turban headband is the way to a cheap but beautiful look for you. Ensure that you look beautiful today.

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