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How To Tie A Head Turban

By Lela Perkins

Hair covers comprise of pieces of continuous wrapping of clothing that are tied on the hair. This practice of tying their hair has various reasons in it, ranging to social glorification and religious purpose to cleanliness objective. Tying a head turban can be associated with religious reasons.

Those wrapping this piece of cloth for the first time may find it quite tricky. However, one can buy a scarf that has some instructions on how to go about with the tying. This way, you may end up making the whole tying process easy thus can be practiced without much difficulty. The first thing that you should do is to fold the cloth into four pieces. Try as much as possible to make the folding neat and of equal length. Prepare the hair then fasten it using a rubber band.

You can fold it like a bun. That folded bun can then be on the fore part of your skull. One can use something like a small cap for holding hair together. Your hair should be tucked into the cap carefully to ensure that no hair is left hanging outside. Only the side burns must be left unbuckled. All the extra pieces of cloth should be tied well. Ensure that there are no creases that may make one to look bad.

To do the final touches, one ought to make sure that the scarf is tied in a diagonal manner. You can start with the hair which is at the bottom. The scarf should be tied neatly round the skull neatly. One can do this for about seven times.

Hair gears do represent the social class of these individuals that use them. They are made in various sizes and shape to suite the individual. They sometimes show nobility mostly in North African communities representing the class that one comes from. It is a tool used to segregate the low and upper castes. Hindu and Muslim high ranking leaders do wear hair scarf to show the authority vested in them.

Get a mirror to look at the appearance and rectify the exposed parts of your hair. This ensures that it is tied securely and bound to the hair and no parts are left out for publicity. This is for those with bad and scalp hair. Scarves fit as good accessories for the cold seasons and can easily help one keep warm when running errands around the home or at work places.

In the medical profession, doctors do recommend hair scarves for patients especially women suffering from skin cancer. It helps in shielding their hair from direct ultra violet rays of the sun. However, wearing of hair covers is not restricted to persons as children in various religious sects do put on hair scarves.

There are various colors that these scarves can come in. The head turban that one chooses should be according to his or her specifications. However it is good to choose one which fits a person. This is to make sure that the end result is amazing.

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