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Fundamentals Knowledge About The Arabic Turban

By Lela Perkins

Arabic turban is a headgear that is based on fabric winding. Turbans have been in use for long although in various shapes. They are known by different names such as pagg, pagri, dastar, and dulbands. The names differ from place to place and according to the language in question. They have different meanings and are put on by individuals of all genders and ages.

Among some members, wearing a turban is a must. This is normally the case where ones religion and beliefs demand that they tie a dulband. This applies to all Khalsa or amritdhari. The term khalsa means a baptized male member of the Sikh community. A pagri can sometimes be worn for fashion, in which case it is made to match with the worn attire.

The significance of these headgears cannot be underestimated. They are a symbol for various virtues such as responsibility, honor, self-respect, piety, and courage. A person who serves their society with total commitment and unselfishly is honored with a dulband. Such people become role models and noble figures in the community who inspire others into giving back to their community. They strengthen cohesion and understanding in the communities they exist in.

Turban tying ceremonies are prevalent in some communities and they are treated with great respect. This is because it is in such ceremonies that first-born sons accept to bear the responsibilities of their deceased dads. It is only after theses ceremonies that first-born sons are fully recognized as the heads of their respective families. This practice is common in Northern India.

There are various different styles of dastars including Amritsar dhamala, nok, and patka. The styles are diverse and wearers are at liberty of coming up with their own distinctive styles. Nok is the widest and largest turban with few windings. They are 6m long and are cut into two halves prior to being sewn together. Amritsar dhamala is made up of two pieces of cloth. Both pieces are 35 cm wide whereas one is 5m and the other is 11m long.

With sophisticated technology, research on making turbans that are bulletproof is underway. When this is complete, it will allow security personnel who put on pagris to be members of firearms groups. This will automatically enable them to take part in combat zones like the others. In case the research succeeds, then this will take pagris to another phase and can change how people look at them.

Several people confuse dastar wearers for terrorists while in truth they may not be. Such delusions are rooted in some people because they get spread by the media. Convincing people into accepting the other side of the story might take quite some time. As the misconceptions are widely spread through the media the only way out is creating public awareness on dastars using the very media. When members of the public hold the wrong ideas then it means that non-pagri wearers and wearers are in danger.

When in need of an Arabic turban several online firms sell them at reasonable prices. They stock all sorts of dastars to meet the various styles and tastes of their clients. These companies have consumer websites on the internet from which they can be contacted for enquires and more information.

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