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Basic Information Concerning A Turkish Turban

By Cathy Mercer

Turkish turban bears a lot of meaning among its wearers in different places around the world. In some nations, it has been made part of the national dress as a way of identifying and recognizing its importance. In such nations, a majority of citizens wear the headgear. Some of the nations where bulle wearing is given a lot of meaning include Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and nations of the Middle East.

In countries where punjabis are made part of the national cloth, citizens who do not wrap them are treated with much stigma from community. In most circumstances, their security is at risk since they are made targets for attacks. They are viewed as non-believers who should not live among believers. Such claims are normally unfounded and misguided.

Paggs are referred to differently in various regions. Some of the names are bulle, pagg, pagri, Punjabi, and dastar. It is believed that pagris have existed in many regions worldwide only that they varied in forms. In religious denominations where they have been worn for the a long time like in Sikhism, they function as a unique identifier for the disciples of the faith.

Dastars are wrapped by all age groups and genders. This may be an indication that gender equality is valued greatly in Sikhism and among other pagg wearers. Ladies may either wrap a pagg alone or they could wind a traditional scarf over it. Some ladies opt to use only the traditional scarf without a pagri. Kids also have their specific styles or paggs that are unique.

A pagri can be worn for many purposes one of them being to compliment a certain look. The headband is worn with a certain piece of clothing that it matches well with. Women are greater fans of matching bulles with an attire than men. They choose the color keenly and sometimes they invent their own styles of tying the dastar.

Dastars come in different color tints. The colors have varied meanings that are unique to each community. People from some communities have a belief that green is the color of paradise hence green bulles must be worn at funerals. In many cases, a red turban is worn in birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and any other celebration. A longer turban is worn on official occasions like when going to business meetings.

People from all over the world have at least encountered turban wearers in way or another. It is time that all people be acquainted with dastars regardless of their backgrounds. Treating paggs as any piece of cloth is one way of ensuring there is peaceful coexistence between pagg wearers and non-wearers. People have to obey the rights of others including freedom of dressing in whatever attire one thinks is best for them.

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