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Turn Heads Wherever You Go With Electrofur

By Catalina Nielsen

Most of the people who attend the Burning Man festival in Nevada go there to express themselves creatively and to share ideas. The event has even inspired fashions over the years. One of the products that was born after its creator attended Burning Man is ElectroFur, the coolest way to release your inner animal.

Fur is one of the most luxurious fashion items imaginable. However, it hasn't always been simply a way of looking good. It's better at keeping out the cold than almost any other fabric so it's a wardrobe standard in extremely cold climates. Even prehistoric people wore animal skins as a basic cover-up before they learned how to weave fabrics.

Unfortunately wearing fur raises many ethical questions. Some species have been driven to near extinction because their pelts are so desirable. Hunting and trapping are very cruel and even farmed fur animals are killed in ways hat cause incredible suffering. This is why many people are now turning their backs on real fur and going for more ethical and economical synthetic furs.

Technological advances have made it possible for faux fur to look and feel just like real fur. However, you can also find synthetic furry fabrics in crazy colors like bright pink or green to add some fun to your wardrobe. Burning Man inspired one designer to take it a step further by making fluffy garments that light up too.

The technique used is actually very simple. Small strands of neon lights are woven into fake fur. Hidden batteries provide the energy to make these lights shine, creating a glow. If you need to wash your garment, you simply need to remove the batteries and then soak the piece of clothing in a gentle detergent for delicate fabrics.

There is a wide variety of designs available. For true luxury and warmth, you may want a jacket or full-length coat. If you prefer something a little more subtle, a vest or a scarf might be just the thing for you. For something a little more racy, you can opt for a fur-trimmed corset or a fluffy bra. Men can join in the fun too with designs specifically aimed at them.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear glowing fur. For example, an animal-inspired hood will keep your head warm while you're out tricking or treating and a glowing, fluffy tail or wings can complete a unique costume. If you prefer a Western theme, simply don a stetson that has a bit of lit-up fur around the brim and you'll look like the most stylish cowboy or cowgirl at the rodeo.

Of course you can also wear your ElectroFur clothing at any other time. They're so versatile that they're suitable for anything from the club to the formal dinner at the clubhouse. They can even be a fun addition to your prom dress. To own one of these eye-catching items, you only need to look up the company website online, place your order and try not to die of sheer excitement while you wait for delivery.

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