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Bears Of The Abbey And Other Toys To Appreciate

By Angel Dudley

A person who performs a search online using the words, Bears of the Abbey, might be looking for a site with that particular name. The Internet site provides a large assortment of unforgettable items created by one person. Although the teddy bears are a major attraction on the online site, the artist creates various other stuffed toys, too. From Santa dolls, to bears, to puppies, the stuffed objects have a vintage appearance that many children and adults appreciate. Numerous collectors have explored the site, and there is at least one celebrity who owns a few items from the collection.

Viewing the options on the site is entertaining and fun, and a person could discover several pieces that might be perfect as gifts for loved ones. An example of a stuffed bear that may be found for sale is a polar bear, with white fur made from alpaca fiber or mohair. The polar bear has a dark gray nose that is long, and it looks realistic in a lovable way.

Another toy animal people may see on the site is a stuffed grizzly bear toy. Tufts of fur that are long and reddish-brown cover its body. The bear would be a gift that a child would probably love, but it is also so striking that an adult could proudly display it.

One of the bears in the photo gallery resembles a traditional style of teddy bear. Round button eyes give its face a look of surprise. The fur that the bear is adorned with is a pretty mix of white with a honey hue.

An array of dogs and small puppies is also available. In the gallery is the image of an adult dog that has a wide nose and large eyes, adjacent to a little puppy. Both animals are white, and the older canine has a handkerchief around its neck.

Another one of the toy puppies found on the site has fur that is a beautiful shade of honey or peaches. Its fur is mohair, and it has ears that are soft and big. Almost any child who owns such a toy would be delighted, and the animal looks like something a young girl or boy would want to cuddle when sleeping. The critter is diminutive enough that it would probably fit in the hand of an adult person, which makes it ideal for toting in a stroller that also carries young children.

In addition to a wealth of stuffed animals, the site also exhibits Santa dolls. One of the stuffed Santa toys looks like a combination of Santa and his elves. He has eyelids that droop, and a fluffy, white beard. Another Santa doll appears to be tall and thin, which is not unlike the traditional version of Santa in Europe. The eyes are made from glass, and the eyelids are made of suede.

There is plenty to consider on the Bears of the Abbey site. Children could find it a difficult task to select only a single toy. Adults who like vintage items will likely enjoy the choices available. The individual who designs the stuffed objects is creative in a unique way.

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