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Chic New Ways To Wear Vintage Hermes Scarves For Sale

By Kelly Wood

Colorful scarves are an excellent way to accessorize any outfit. They not only add style to any ensemble, but also personalized fashion and flair. With vintage Hermes scarves for sale that is especially true since they are made from quality silk, and designs are detailed and elegant.

Not only are scarves unique, but they are also exceptional in that they are perfect for traditional, around the neck uses, and for various other fashion choices. Not only are they accessories for blouses and suits, but they can also be used as elegant or fun addition, depending how they are worn. They can create elegant looks, or be worn with casual outfits to dress them up, and create edgy ensembles.

One stylish new way to wear them is to wrap a pearl or beaded necklace around the scarf, attach the necklace enclosure at the back of the scarf, or at the bottom. Finish by tying the material over the necklace enclosure. This adds not only beauty, style, and class.

Another trendy way to wear them is to create a twisted scarf look. This dresses up a simple pair of jeans and shirt, and adds flair to solid colored maxi's or a simple tank top. Accessorize with matching shoes and a purse for a perfectly coordinated look.

Fold from corner to corner. Create overlap folds four times, alternating from side to side until it is folded into one long piece. Once this is accomplished begin twisting into one long twisted piece. Once completed place on the neck, still holding it into a twist, and tie a knot at the bottom. Release and this creates the twisted scarf look.

For a night out, or to dress up an outfit the two scarf halter dress is perfect. It is very simple to put together with two slightly differently designed scarfs. Wear a tube top, and a pair of tight fitting pants or stylish hose underneath. Fold each scarf into a triangle.

Keep each long scarf folded drape over each shoulder and secure at the neck by tying in a knot. Unfold the two pieces of material, and tie a knot at the back, near the waist. Also tie a knot at the front, near the belly button. A beautiful halter dress has now been created that is perfect for any event.

Another stylish way to wear vintage Hermes scarves for sale is as a bandanna. A simple outfit turns into a fashion statement with a braided bandanna. This is perfect for longer hair. Begin overlapping an unfolded scarf four times, alternating sides. This should result in one long piece. Place this piece on the head, in back of forehead and wrap around and drape over one side. Move hair to one side and begin braiding material into hair. Weave material and hair, tying material at the end. Leave to dangle over one shoulder for a trendy and fun look.

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