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How To Keep Brass Jewelry In Tiptop Shape At All Times

By Rhea Solomon

Not a lot of people enjoy collecting brass jewelry anymore. In fact, not a lot of people even pay attention to this metal anymore at all. However, if you have any grandmothers, then they might have a lot of it in their jewelry collections. They might have even given you some of their brass jewelry by now to keep and pass down yourself later on in life.

The biggest problem with this particular metal is that it tarnishes quite easily. Although there are some people out there who like this tarnished look, others think that it completely ruins the jewelry. If you are part of the latter crowd, then here are some tips that you might want to pay close attention to.

It is actually quite easy to get rid of tarnishing if you use a special cleaner for the metal. However, you will need to make sure that you do not play around with the instructions and actually follow every word on them. Make sure any gemstones on the pieces do not end up absorbing the cleaners, either; otherwise, they might lose their overall sparkle.

If you'd rather avoid harmful chemicals altogether, then you can stick to things around the house to clean your pieces in the same way. Tomato juice, lemon juice and salt solutions can do the job very well, for example. However, if gemstones absorb these solutions, they will also lose their overall sparkle, so be careful.

Probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to clean these pieces would be to rub mild detergent onto it with a clean and soft cloth. Do this until it lathers up and then wash it off with hot water. If you have a lot of pieces to clean, then just fill up your sink with hot water to speed up the process. This simple solution on its own can already get rid of a lot of grime and unwanted dirt as needed.

Once your jewelry looks great yet again, though, you have to make it a point to keep it that way. This means protecting it in every way possible, so that it doesn't get tarnished again. When it comes to this, your best bet would be to turn to ziplock pouches for storage. This will prevent air from getting to them. So, basically, anytime you aren't wearing your brass pieces, make sure you place them in airtight pouches.

Brass generally isn't popular with any gender right now. However, you might have some of them in your current collection. This would be especially true if your grandmothers decided to leave their previous collections with you.

For brass jewelry to stay in great condition, it would be vital to clean it safely with one of the methods mentioned above. This way, you can make each piece look as attractive as it once was with ease. Of course, you shouldn't forget to store it in the right way, either, in order to prevent tarnish from ever coming up again.

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